Marc Salem


Mind Games is a captivating excursion into the power and possibilities of the human mind. Using psychological techniques, a sharp eye, a quick wit, and 20 years of training, Salem engages the audience in a series of mesmerizing and mystifying Mind Games. Through the course of these humorous interactive exercises, Salem unlocks the minds of audience members and encourages them to figure out how he does it.

  • "Mind-blowing is the only way to describe Marc Salem's Mind Games. This is a one man tour de force as Marc wows and charms his audience for an hour and a half with his incredible ability to read minds."
    - Liz Smith, New York Post
  • "It's far and away the best mentalist show I've ever seen."
    - Ross Wetzsteon, Village Voice
  • "Marc Salem's display of mind control casts a mesmerizing hold on his audience... Marc has revived the long lost art of mental magic."
    - Robert Daniels, Variety
  • "I predict: a hit!"
    - Michael Musto, Village Voice
  • "I am utterly dazzled!"
    - Lloyd Moss, WQXR Radio
  • "Catch his fabulous show. You won't understand it - or rather, you won't understand how he does it. Mind Games is as brilliantly entertaining as it is tantalizingly puzzling."
    - Clive Barnes, New York Post
  • "Hide your thoughts! Marc Salem is in town! Quick-witted family fun with a WOW finish!"
    - Lawrence Van Gelder, New York Times
  • "Unbelievable! You MUST see him!"
    - Joan Hamburg, WOR Radio
  • "This tight, awesome spectacle of mind reading is downright dumbfounding."
    - Ricky Spears, In Theater
  • "Not to be missed"
    - ABC News

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